Who Does What? [Events: Linda Knights]

You may have checked out the Directors, or even the Chief Executive but the heart and soul of Westminster Forum lies elsewhere.  The real pillar of the Forum is its Events Co-ordinator, Linda Knights. Linda has worked for the Forum for over 7 years and those of you who are veteran members will have assumed it has been a lot longer than that!
Forum events rely on Linda’s organisational skills.  She liaises with the speakers, communicates events to the members, agrees sponsorship, finalises dates, and sorts out venues and many other things too numerous to mention.
For many if not all members and prospective (or even lapsed) members Linda is the main if not only contact with the Forum.  For speakers it is more or less the same. This is as it should be.  Dialogue is what the Forum is all about and events underpin our capacity to create this dialogue.  So, whether speaker or member, prospective or lapsed, if you have a query on anything relating to events in particular or the Forum in general Linda should be your first port of call .  She can be contacted via email lk@westminster-forum.org – or phone – 01702 465982.

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